FMS Group

At FMS Group we are multidisciplinary, technically evolved, coordinated, transparent, available and creative.

Since 1998, the FMS project has been based on the solid experience of those who never give up learning and evolving in the fields of architecture, engineering and project management. As a Group, nowadays we have a more global vision that brings together a service of great proximity, in which we put our skills, ideas, experience and requirements at the service of your project, your needs and your best expectations. At FMS Group we are multidisciplinary, technically evolved, coordinated, transparent, available and creative.
Our mission is to concern ourselves in your behalf and to implement your ideas, to be technically relevant and to provide an increasingly global and integrated service, in a continuous commitment to materialize your projects.



Carlos Castro Ferreira, Eng Civil, IST UL
Especialista DGC, pela Ordem dos Engenheiros
Managing Partner since 1998

Paulo Moreira Domingues, Arqº, FAUP
Managing Partner since 1998

Célia Costa Nunes, Engª Civil, UA
Managing Partner since 2015

Business Areas

The General Coordination and Tracking Work are among the biggest commitments of the FMS Group that are based on three fundamental vectors for the success of any project: the fulfillment of the execution deadlines, the absence of budgetary deviations and the fulfillment of the norms of the Quality, Environment and Safety! In this area, we carry out, in a rigorous and coordinated way, the monitoring and review of projects contracted to third parties, from the moment of its conception until the conclusion of the construction/work.

Monitoring of the program and concession

Project Review

Construction/Work coordination

Contract management

The study and design of integrated solutions in the projects of the FMS Group respond to increasingly demanding and sophisticated criteria, to which we combine the optimization of costs and resources, aiming to always meet the best expectations of our Customers!
At FMS Group, quality and rigor are fundamental principles coupled with excellence requirements, guaranteed by the constant training of our technicians, making them capable of realizing, even in the most complex situations, innovative and winning projects.
Our team of Architects and Engineers, with consolidated technical experience,
guarantees the coordination and the framework of your Project, valuing it certainly.

Regional and Urban Planning



Communication ways

Works of art

Interior Architecture


3D Modeling

Graphic design

Site Inspection is an area of responsibility of the FMS Group that guarantees the fulfillment of its projects with the budget, term, quality and safety required under the approved design project and based on the strict compliance with the legal regulations in force (as is the case of public procurement). The role of the Director of Site Inspection is reinforced in the current legislation which, due to its complex, specific and rigorous nature, obliges him to be knowledgeable and to carry out a safe and efficient
implementation of this position of recognized importance and inherent responsibility.

Project Review

Quality control

Environment and Safety

Time Control

Financial Control

Technical Advice

In the area of provision of services, we offer you a set of specialized and technically diversified consulting services that respond to specific needs and timely intervention, such as energy certification of buildings, safety coordination, technical expertises and inspections, real estate valuation, topography, geotechnics and landscaping.


Safety Coordination

Energy Efficiency

Inspection and Expertise

Real Estate Valuation




Mechanical Installations / HVAC